Donor Recognition list:

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple Early Childhood Center strives to be a nurturing and thought provoking environment that fosters friendship, curiosity, self-esteem, learning, respect and Jewish identity. We thank everyone who has joined us this year to support our ECC Giving Campaign. Contributions directly support our children and we could not be more thankful for everyone's generosity.



Sadie and Brennan Diaz
Claire and Brian Goldsmith
Ryan Kavanaugh, in honor of Ronit and Simone and all who have helped fight COVID

Hadar Granit and Daniel Borenstein
Natalie and Peyman Kohanzadeh
Alexandra and Trevor Miller
Sabina and David Nathanson
Rebecca and Ari Ryan
Lauren and Andrew Schwartz
Jacqueline and Adam Winnick

Marianna and Yoel Flohr
Emily and Alexander Hakim
Tamara Kagel and Brook Hinchman, in memory of Roseagnela Rinsky
Jennifer and Cary Kleinman, in honor of Carol Bovill
Melissa and Mark Shabason, in memory of Anna Shabason

Nancy and Pedram Bina
Jayme and Adam Bolden
Katie and Craig Brody
Niousha and Mark Broumand
Amanda and Ryan Davis
Monica and Keith Dragoon
Brynn and Ryan Efune
Jessica and Daniel Flesh
Jamie and Todd Hasson
Bobbie and Sandy Heck, In loving memory of Arlen Andelson
Shannon and Daniel Khakshouri, In loving memory of Meir ben Nathan
Lindsey Goldburg and Alec McMordie
Heather and Scott Menkus
Julia and David Ramin
Margarita and Danny Rojany
Elyse and Andrew Rosenfield
Alexis and Seth Ross
Jamie and Daniel Ross
Denille and Jordan Sachs
Dittany and Robert Seltzer
Claudine and Steve Shokouhi
Alissa and Jordan Zachary



Elishia and David Bolour, in loving memory of Ava Liatowitsch
Nahal and Kevin Danesh, in honor of Nadine Zysman and a speedy recovery
Rebecca and Michael Feiz
Jennifer and Michael Gardner
Nathalie and Michael Huddleston
Harmony Murphy and Joseph Huppert
Jodie Mendelson and Gregory Kay
Michelle and Scott Kelrick
Diana and David Makkabi
Liz and Ryan Mirkin
Molly and Howard Nourmand
Charlotte and Richard Offsay
Goli and Kayvon Rouhani
Regina Rudyak and Lawrence Rozenberg
Emily and Daniel Sands
Ashley and Rabbi Beau Shapiro, in honor of Marty Feinstein
Rafael Shpelfogel
Katie and Brian Sumers
Rachel and Gabriel Waterman
Rachel and Jacob Zacuto
Rachel and Amit Ziv

Helena and David Bloch
Carol and Daniel Bovill
Amy and Jenova Chen
Stacie and Aaron Cohen
Karyn and Marc Cohen
Jennifer Gordon and Benjamin Collier
Bailey and John Del Valle
Sarah and Andrew Ellenbogen
Deena Eberly and Adam Fleiner
Linda and Sean Foley
Morgan and Bradley Friedman
Jennifer and Michael Ghozland
Danielle and Ari Goldman
Kim and Adam Gottlieb
Noa and Jon Grant
Amy Lerner and Charles Hill
Whitney and Kenneth Illingworth
Dina and Michael Javaheri
Danielle Sebring and Alexander Kargher
Gwen and Greg Lorber
Joelle and Jeremy May
Jodi and Bradley Meadow
Emilie and Spencer Medoff
Sharon and Pooya Mobasseri
Sarah and Burton Morris
Candice and Daniel Naysan
Misha Star and Elliot Nayssan
Natalie and Ebi Nikjoo
Bess Kargman and Matthew Orlando
Nina and Rombod Peykar
Michelle and Brandon Richman
Floryn and Daniel Rosenberg
Cami and Scott Sargent
Andrea Woloski and Jeffrey Schleider
Casey and Alex Shaftel
Jennifer and Jason Silverstein
Caroline and Robby Soofer
Kimberly and Brent Stein
Limor and David Vidor
Kate and Spencer Villasenor
Dorie Weiss and Ryan Weinstein
Tali and Jordan Weiss
Debbie and Sol Yamini
Rachel and Daiel Zar


Karen Yenofsky and William Askins
Susan Smith and Jeremy Adler
Hillary and David Allen
Jessica and Matthew Babrick
Kira and Jordan Bahat
Michelle and Siymak Bahremand
Ghazal and Houman Bana
Ariel and Nicholas Barnhart
Deborah Hiller and Ran Ben-Tzur
Elizabeth and Geoffrey Braiman
Tova Leibovic and Austin Douglas
Stacey Price and Evan Duning
Gillian and Adam Feldman
Anne and Chase Fisher
Talia and Tyler Friedman
Donna and Michael Gillman
Josh Glass
Julie and Russell Greenman, in honor of Carol Bovill
Chloe Beckerman and Justin Hardt
Allison and Daniel Hipskind
Jamie and Joshua Holzman
Deborah and Brent Iloulian
Opal and David Judaken
Mandie Davis and Aryeh Kadin
Kimia and Jonathan Klein
Jessica and Josh Lewis
Jessica Isham and Stanley Ma
Jenna and Darren Menaker
Jilian Maio and David Meredith, in loving memory of our friend Trustee
Jessica Mackenzie and Daniel Miller
Abigail and Matthew Mirkin
Amanda and Nicholas Nesbitt
Linda Choe and Harlan Petoyan
Eran Pick
Hannah and Yossi Reinstein, in honor of Floryn, Sydney, Carol, Monika and Gabi and the entire WBTECC staff
Nancy and Jack Ribakoff
Julia and Ian Richter
Melodie and Michael Ruben
Beth and Michael Sands
Dianna Feinstein and Mark Sedlander
Jennifer and Farbod Shakouri
Jane and Eric Shomof
Jodi Shorr
Jenny and Rony Shram
Nicole and Mark Silver
Jacqueline and Nicole Tate-Naghi
Jenny and Paul Tennen
Nadine and Zachary Zysman


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