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        ▸ Jolly Phonics 
         Letter Recognition 


        ▸ What's Missing Math Worksheet 
        ▸ Sorting Shapes 
         Counting Apples 
        ▸ Number Worksheet
Know Your Numbers Workbook 
▸ Domino Addition Sheet 
Counting Stars 
▸ Addition to 10 
Making Fruit Kabobs with Rosie (Counting and Color Sorting)


        ▸ Dancing Drawings Experiment
        ▸ Penny Cleaning Experiment
        ▸ Bouncy Ball Experiment 
        ▸ Pine Cone Experiment


        ▸ Banana Oat Pancakes with Jessica 
▸ Challah in a Bag with Ashlyn 
▸ Making Energy Balls with Sheiva
Monkey Muffins with Rosie 
Avocado Chocolate Mousse with Melissa 
▸ Spring Break Cooking with Floryn Recording 
▸ Spring Break Cooking with Stefanie Recording


▸ Suggested Items for Your Mini At Home Atelier Art Studio   
▸ Loose Parts - Chapter 1
▸ Loose Parts - Chapter 2
▸ Watercolor Activity with Alexis 
▸ Leaf Drawing with Stephanie
▸ Creating Your Own At Home Studio
▸ Exploring Symmetry, Structure, Form, Surface, and Texture
▸ Frottage Printing 
▸ Thinking Outside of the Cardboard Box! 
 Exploring Texture Using Natural Materials and Clay
Creating a Recycled Material Assemblage
▸ Land Art 
▸ Shabbat Light 
▸ Organic Silhouettes 
▸ Exploring Plants with Photography 
▸ Plein Air Painting with Watercolor 
▸ Observational Painting with Watercolor for Shabbat 
▸ Print Making Experience 
▸ Suspended Form 
▸ Open Space Sound Exploration
▸ Exploring Self Portraiture with Lines
▸ Exploring Photography and Self Portraiture 
▸ Exploring Positive and Negative Space with Resists and Watercolor 
▸ Exploring Positive and Negative Space with Stencils and Watercolor
▸ Unconventional Paintbrush- Exploring Texture with Paint 
▸ Cyanotype Printmaking
▸ Exploring Paint as a Liquid Material
▸ Ink, Graphite and Watercolor
▸ Salvaged Paper and Fabric Collaging
▸ Texture and Mixed Media Painting
▸ Three-Dimensional Painting


Movement with Morgan
▸ Hawaii Yoga Adventure
▸ Meditation with Morgan
▸ Deep Blue Sea Yoga Adventure 
Spring Break Fun and Fitness with Morgan Recording - April 7 
Spring Break Fun and Fitness with Morgan Recording - April 8 
Spring Break Fun and Fitness with Morgan Recording - April 10 
Spring Break Fun and Fitness with Morgan Recording - April 13
Spring Break Fun and Fitness with Morgan Recording - April 14 
▸ Spring Break Fun and Fitness with Morgan Recording - April 15 
▸ Meditation with Melissa


Boker Tov with Hava, Holly, Susan & Tamara
▸ Bear Hunt with Gabi
Morning Song with Rachel
Good Morning Boker Tov with Bekah 
Slippery Fish with Elizabeth 
▸ Spring Break Puppets with Jennifer Recording


Story Time
Great Resource: Storyline Online
Suggested E-Book Discussing Social Distancing for Young Children
May I Please Have a Cookie? / Please Write Back with Mia
Puppet Show with Gina
 The Book With No Pictures with Taylor
▸ Stop that Pickle with Gabi 
▸ The Bad Seed with Mandy 
Can I Play Too? with Mandy 
▸ Spring Break Story Time with Carol Recording 
Spring Break Story Time with Lindsey Recording 
▸ The Good Egg with Mia 
▸ The Rabbit Listened with Mia


Havdallah with Hava, Holly, Susan & Tamara
Shabbat Blessings with Hava, Holly, Susan & Tamara


Kindergarten Readiness
Carol's Kindergarten Readiness Checklist
▸ Trace, Draw, Cut Lines
Letter Recognition Worksheets
Letter Matching Cut and Paste
Counting Worksheet Ten Frames
Alphabet Letter Recognition
Gumballs Galore 
Literacy and Math Packet 
Identify the Coins


TK/DK Kadima
Kadima Songs
Kadima Song Lyrics


Parent Resources
▸ Talking to Your Kids About Coronavirus - Lunch with Carol Recording
▸ Developmental Speech Acquisition 
▸ Carol's Book Recommendation: Not Forever, But For Now
▸ BJE Parent and Family Resources
▸ 4 Ways to Help Your Anxious Kid 
▸ 10 Quarantine Activities for Kids 
▸ Therapy Dallas Child Book Recommendations
▸ Trinka and Sam: Fighting the Virus + Parent Guide