Return-to-Campus Success!

Return-to-Campus Success!

After many weeks of planning, our Early Childhood Centers opened their doors to on-campus learning in mid-August. Many children had been home for months, and the transition back to school could not have been smoother. The first few weeks of school were very successful, and to hear the joy in each child’s voice as they reunited with their friends made all of the planning worthwhile. The Glazer and Mann Family faculty have been able to collaborate and share curriculum ideas over Zoom, which has brought the staff closer and given them the opportunity to learn from each other.

Children spend the day in outdoor classrooms with learning centers and hands-on explorations promoting a greater familiarity and appreciation of nature. The blessing of being outside has opened up opportunities to study the way the sun moves, properties of wind, outdoor sounds, the life cycle of plants, and the world of bugs. The ECC values the outdoor environment which provides an abundance of experiences and a variety of physical activities with opportunities for social-emotional growth and cognitive development.

The feedback from parents has been extremely positive. Parents use the Brightwheel app to check their child in and out each day, communicate with teachers, and parents receive real-time photos and updates to stay connected.

Additionally, we have offered a virtual synchronous learning program for families who are not yet ready to return to campus. This program has been highly successful in engaging our at-home learners and keeping them connected to the community.

The children are thriving on campus and at home. The ECC, in partnership with the parents, continues to enrich the lives of the youngest members of Wilshire Boulevard Temple.